Hello guys , Good morning everyone. I am Juhi Chawla. Today I am going to show you an most important topic name Can FBI or CIA track your messages from your phone? Before start let’s introduce about this topic.

What is FBI or CIA :

FBI : The word FBI means Federal Bureau of Investigation.

CIA: Central Intelligence Agency.

The CIA generally works outside the United States and gathers information via a network of spies, while the FBI mostly operates inside the United States.

Can FBI or CIA track your messages from your phone:

In this question I am tell you , yes They can. Even ordinary police can do that. I did it myself. I just faxed the search warrant to your phone company, and they sent me everything. Even while I was in the process of getting that search warrant, at my request they would freeze all your records so that nothing was lost. I can send similar search warrants to Facebook or Shapchat or any other company that runs messaging services. I’m certainly not the FBI or the CIA or anything more secretive and special. I am an ordinary cop.It will take a special kind of court order and more skill than me to track your messages in real time for some extended time. When I get a search warrant, it’s for a specific date range in the past.The CIA is not concerned with search warrants because they are not usually interested in bringing criminal charges to court of law.

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As a general rule, they take domestic criminal cases to the FBI and then the FBI is concerned about the search warrant, etc., to make a proper criminal case.According to Snowden and WikiLeaks, the NSA is storing every single digital communication in real time, including your text messages. The NSA says they don’t actually single out your data and don’t see it without a really good reason. This is what they say, not what I say. I have no idea what they do or what it takes to get their hands on those CIA or FBI records. I just know what news I read, the same as you. I know that as a general policeman I do not have access to your phone records which are kept by NSA.